Tips to make you strong in TEEL structure

Some of you may have heard of this term for the first time, while some who have some experience in essay writing may know about the TEEL structure. This blog will help you to increase your in-depth knowledge about what is the TEEL structure and how these tips and tricks will help you. How these tips effectively enhance the quality of your essay or any other type of academic writing.   What Is Teel Structure?   TEEL is an acronym for Subject Sentence, Explanation, Evidence, and Link. This is a writing technique used in the writing a paragraph in an essay. TEEL provides a structure to the paragraph which can help in making the essay, paragraphs and also improve its quality.     T- Topic Sentence   E- Explanation   E- Evidence   L- Link   Each letter of the word TEEL denotes the nature of the sentences that must be present in a paragraph. TEEL structure is not the bunch of rules that you have to follow while writing an essay; rather it is a technique that should be used along with the e